AZ CAI attorney Carpenter admits CAI is no longer in control

An advocate questioned the sincerity of CAI attorney Carpenter’s repeated use of the phrase, “They know us,” in his Sept. 15th seminar, Best Practices for Meetings in an Era of New Regulation. In response I wrote,

Earlier this year I wrote that the victories of Arizona’s HB 2441 (defeated), CAI soundly thrashed by Arizona Senate, and SB 1148 (passed, overcoming Carpenter’s DFBLS/OAH court victory), New Arizona laws for 2011 session — thanks to the legislators, signaled a major defeat for CAI in the power politics game at the Legislature. The tone of Carpenter’s remarks in the seminar only reinforces my view that a major setback took place at the Legislature for CAI. All as a result of the efforts of advocates, the real homeowner rights advocates, to get involved and expose, challenge and confront the CAI propaganda. It’s working!

I will just mention a few points from the seminar. First, Carpenter laments the new age of regulation, meaning a loss of CAI influence on HOA boards.

Second, his advice on what not to do is given with cautionary remarks that his, and the boards’, statements will go viral on the web (internet), like now. And he realizes that he is helpless to stop it. So he cautions the boards not to play “redefine” games — calling a meeting a “workshop” —which will only result more regulation when a homeowner (Sally was his example) runs to the legislature to stop some HOA evil. He further advised the attendees to shut up and not be recorded for the internet distribution. In fact, he suggested a reasonable rule, in his view, that would restrict a homeowner’s right to publish his taping of the meeting on the internet.

Third, he sought to confuse issues by identifying the management class of HOA members, the directors, as the true advocates because they are fighting for “what the members signed up for.” This serves to confuse the meaning and purpose of the bona fide “homeowner advocate” label.

In short, CAI is reacting to our issues and no longer controls the playing field. Congratulations everybody!

See also, CAI attorney Carpenter’s view on OAH bad for HOAs.

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