CAI acknowledges “unconstitutional taking”, but not from homeowners

CAI-CLAC (CA CAI lobbying committee) has apparently discovered the meaning of “an unconstitutional taking” when it object to the new California law, SB 209, that permits homeowners to install electric vehicle charging stations in HOAs. CAI argued in its July 26, 2011 email release (not shown under HOT BILLS on its website), “a very significant problem remained unresolved in that the measure essentially condones an unconstitutional governmental “taking” of property that is commonly owned by all the members for the benefit of one. (My emphasis). I’m impressed that CAI acknowledges constitutional law.


However, CAI, that national leading HOA educational organization — as it likes to promote itself, but is truly a business trade group to help its members make $$$$ — has no quarrel with the taking of homeowners’ constitutional rights, freedoms, liberties, privileges and immunities as a result of the application of the common law of servitudes over constitutional law. The taking of constitutional rights and freedoms, and the violation of the equal application of the law and due process protections for homeowners in HOAs by constructive notice — the simple posting to the county clerk’s office — binds buyers to the CC&Rs sight unseen, never mind the absence of explicit consent.


CAI seems to take this fascist state approach, where the goals of the state, the HOA, come before individual rights, is an absolute, sacrosanct, untouchable right conferred upon the HOA, without regard to the US Constitution. The justification for the legitimacy of the HOA government is the lame excuse that the homeowner remains in the HOA and does not leave its jurisdiction, thereby giving his implied consent to be governed and to the surrender of his rights. But, the HOA is not a de jure public government that functions without any contract. The HOA is a contractual arrangement, and this application of public doctrine is an constitutional taking of the homeowners’ private property rights.


Sadly, state legislators see no evil, no rejection of the US Constitution, and the courts allow this secession from the Constitution to prevail. What is the purpose of a constitution if any two people can sign a document that says we reject the Constitution? What is happening to America?


As we discovered with regard to Arizona’s secessionist feelings earlier this year, Art. I, Section 10, Clause 3 of the Constitution prohibits compacts between the states without the consent of Congress: “No state shall, without the consent of Congress . . , enter into any agreement or compact with another state”. And to allow private citizens to do so makes a mockery of the Constitution and the American system of government.  Are we already in The New America of HOA-Land? 


Read on CAI, read on and learn more about constitutional law.

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  1. HUD is telling us that they are well aware of the abuse and discrimination that is happening at the hands of HOA Board members. We hope they can take action to prevent this from happening in the future.

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