The hostile face of Arizona’s DFBLS to HOA dispute resolution

So I now ask, as the DFBLS website still informs viewers that there may be a fee increase, placed there soon after SB 1148 became law, “Why is there this heightened concern for HOA filing fees and not other fees? Have the pro-HOA special interests been at work making suggestions to, or whispering in the ears of, DFBLS Director Palma to increase the fees as part of their effort to stop justice for homeowners in HOAs? The same group that lost 42% of their cases before OAH, who had finally brought down the 2006 law as unconstitutional, and now threatens to do so again with SB 1148.


Please note that DFBLS is not listed inder ARS 41-1092(7), definitions by name of agency, as a “self-supporting regulatory agency”  . . . In fact, according to its minutes, the arguments for a fee increase were rejected by the JLBC on November 15, 2006.

Under the DFBLS web page, Homeowners Associations, why is there no information being provided to homeowners who may seek to file a complaint, except to have them read the law? Why is there no email contact provided for the public? For a $50 fee, DFBLS provides plenty of information under its mobile home obligations. And much, much more under its Fire Marshall and Manufacturing obligations.

Why is DFBLS presenting this hostile face to homeowners in HOAs seeking justice under the law?

Read the complete Commentary at DFBLS Hostility

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  1. Of Course! Why would any of these State County offices care about what happens in HOAs?

    They are the beneficiaries of tax dollars these developers must get approvals from. What they get in return are the assurences that they will see any problems as “some disgruntled” getting educated in just how bad giving one’s rights away.
    Of course those feeding on them as if they were bleeding sheep can rely on government to dround them in expenses, what more can those same governments expect. If you haven’t learned by now, that lloud sucking sound? TAXES State INCOME!

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