the Truth in HOAs poll message is quite clear

In the Introduction to the Gutenberg Press ebook publication of Aristotle’s Politics, A. D. Lindsay wrote, “The existence of force is for Plato and Aristotle a sign not of the state but of the state’s failure. . . . the state represents their common agreement, force their failure to make agreement complete.”

The champion of the people, Thomas Jefferson in his 1801 inaugural address, stated, “That though the will of the majority is in all cases to prevail, that will to be rightful must be reasonable; that the minority possesses their equal rights, which equal law is to protect, and to violate would be oppression.”

Evan McKenzie, in Beyond Privatopia, warns that, “Shifting political authority to relatively invisible boards of directors who are basically beyond democratic accountability but who control enormous amounts of money may be a dangerous practice.”

In contrast to those CAI, industry sponsored “satisfaction with HOA” surveys, a very direct and simple poll is being conducted on the internet. It addresses the issues of the legitimacy of HOA governance in regard to the validity of a genuine consent to be governed, and a surrender or waiver of an individual’s rights, freedoms, privileges and immunities. It asks the readers directly, Would you sign, or would have signed, the Truth in HOAs Disclosure Agreement?” (See Truth in HOAs disclosure poll — please vote your conscience<.

After just 4 days, the results have shown a steady outcome, with at this writing,

  • 83% responding to, “NO — Would anyone in their right mind knowingly sign such an agreement?”

  • 16% responding to, “NO — I won’t agree to accept such conditions although I want to protect my property values.
  • And one lonely vote for, “YES — I readily accept the conditions, and I want to protect my property values.”

  • and no responses to, “YES — I had no choice for comparable housing, so I accept the conditions.”

The absence of any support for choosing an HOA for its alleged property value protection must be noted. This absence allows for some important conclusions. Nobody has gone on record, even anonymously, to support what many have expressed as the outrageous propaganda by the pro-HOA factions in our society. This propaganda, in its fullest argument, declares that the people openly embrace the HOA concept and fully and knowingly consent to be governed by the HOA regime in every way. The lack of any supporting response, however, seems to indicate some embarrassment of having to admit to a falsehood. To indicate some feeling of guilt. A realization that if they respond YES that they will be rejecting our democratic system of government for empty promises of a few pieces of gold So, they cannot admit to it by voting YES.

It is also interesting to note the 16% response to rejecting the Agreement, but affirming the desire for protecting property values. Not presented here, but there are other means of providing for the HOA benefits that do not violate our principles of democratic government. One such proposed mechanism exists today, but the people have been conditioned to accept repressive private government over no public government with all its protections. (See my 2004, A proposal for the “Muni-zation” of HOAs; Stop developers from granting private government charters<.

It appears, in spite of outcrys and laments of defending the Constitution, that state legislators have adopted the attitude of the Emperor’s council of advisers in The Emperor’s New Clothes, and allowed themselves to be swayed by fast talking self-anointed pundits. They have allowed this state of affairs to exist, and to continue to grow. Example: in Beyond Privatopia McKenzie tells of a Madison, MS ordinance (10-406.14, 2006) that makes it unlawful to violate the CC&Rs and allows the HOA to file a civil court complaint.

And he presents the first steps in an explicit symbiotic relationship between cities and HOAs with the creation of a “Congress of Neighborhoods<"in Gilbert and Chandler, AZ that “formally links cities with associations” in a number or areas, including HOA educational seminars. How about constitutional law and government 101 seminars? None. The “Congress” sounds like the beginnings of The United HOAs of Arizona

The message of this Truth in HOAs Disclosure Agreement poll is quite clear. And again I ask, “Who will protect the people from powerful factions?”

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