The CAI ‘Philosopher-kings’ are best to rule HOAs?


This time of year when state legislatures are in session and advocates are seeking to restore lost rights and freedoms, across the land we hear the voices of the self-anointed HOA “philosopher-kings”  from CAI. These legal-academic aristocrats fervently believe that their superior knowledge, training and understanding are best suited to govern  HOA-Land.  That All — the people, the HOA boards, the agencies, the courts and the legislatures — should behold and obey their voices of wisdom.  

But the truth is, is that anyone attending a CAI conference, seminar, class, lecture or program, or who reads any of its printed materials, or hears its lobbyist speak beofre the legislature, will not encounter any serious discussion of the constitutional issues as set forth in the “Truth in HOAs” Disclosure Agreement. Rather, he will be treated to one of CAI’s “educational”, “indoctrination” or, as I call them, “recycling” programs, designed to teach attendees what is necessary to live happily under the authoritarian HOA regime. And not subject themselves emotional stress or financial loss.

While CAI maintains that it teaches the law as it is, it fails to educate attendees as to the negative side of HOA living — the loss of rights, privileges and immunities as a citizen of the US and his state. Nor does CAI inform the attendees as to its role in shaping HOA laws as a result of its intense lobbying efforts. CAI, therefore, is guilty of misrepresntation by half-truths. If those who are in the know do not object, what can be expected of those seeking to know, the attendees? And how can they know if they are not so educated and no warning or advisories notices are published by state agencies? (This was a defense by the common German citizens in response to why nothing was done to oppose the Nazis). This is not the conduct of the philosopher-king who believes that the truth was necessary for good government and good rulers.



Plato introduced the concept of “philosopher-king” in Book VI of his Republic where he discussed what type of government is best, and who is best to rule the people.  This concept placed high value on  learned persons who pursue true knowledge, and therefore those who know best should rule best.  The philosopher-king served as a basis for modern day utopian societies of technocrats running society; such as communism and the Community Associations Institute (CAI) that was initially created with all the “stakeholders” as part of the ruling body.  The stakeholders represented the various industries of interest participating in the governing of this hopefully altruistic organization. CAI was to resolve HOA problems and to lead the people to paradise on earth (my sarcasm).  (See Chapter 5 of Privatopia, , and Community Associations by Donald Stabile (2000), a CAI & ULI funded book).

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