FL supreme court upholds private contract over constitution


This decision sounds really exciting, but . . . . . Read the relevant part of the Florida Supreme Court opinion (emphasis added):


The Grand’s declaration, which was filed in 1986, adopts the terms of “the Condominium Act of the State of Florida (Florida Statute 718, et seq.) in effect as of the date of recording this Declaration” and does not contain “as amended from time to time” language subjecting it to future statutory changes to the Condominium Act. See Angora Enters., Inc. v. Condo. Ass’n of Lakeside Vill., 796 F.2d 384, 386 (11th Cir. 1986) (noting that express agreement by parties in the declaration of condominium regarding application of future statutes to the association may determine whether parties have a “constitutional protection against future amendments to the Florida Condominium Act which, absent such an agreement, might arguably impair a party’s contract obligation”).   Cohn v. The Grand Condo Assn., SC10-430, (Fla.  3/31/2011).


In essence, the court is saying, as I’ve always opposed, that the people have the right to determine via a private contract whether the supreme law of the land, and of the state, applies to them.  And by constructive notice alone, without explicit consent, the courts hold that you surrendered your rights! This is wrong!  This “opt out” is ridiculous!  And it is an essential defect in the HOA/condo legal scheme – private parties can draft and file a document, especially a declaration, that exempts them from the application of the Constitution and laws protecting the people. So, why bother to have a constitution anyway?


Another advance for The New America of HOA-Lands

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