HOAs in America: the illusion of democracy in a dysfunctional republic

In order to understand the public policy toward homeowner associations with its manufactured appearance of bona fide homeowner consent, we need to examine the political climate and value system within our society.

See short video paralleling the decline of Rome

1. The empty value system – anything goes

The Declaration of Independence provided the fundamental basis for the unalienable rights that no government may take away from the people. Unfortunately, contemporary political and judicial leadership has failed to retain and uphold our unalienable rights in a replacement value system of ethics and morality.

2.  The decline in the caliber of elected officials and the rise of political party ideology

 The political system has evolved to a point where the vast majority of elected officials in each party feel comfortable only in advancing ideas acceptable to their core supporters. The political system now rewards ideology over pragmatism. . . . What’s unusual now is that the political system is more polarized than the country. Rather than reducing the level of conflict the ideology increases it.

3.  Legitimate government and the illusion of justice

And speaking of justice, the necessary ingredient for the claim to the legitimacy of government and to be obeyed in conscience, Allen offers Machiavelli’s advice, “Because the [right] to rule is rather the appearance of justice rather than justice itself, the appearance of injustice defeats every [right] to rule.”

4.  The rise of authoritarian private HOA governments

“Therefore this Restatement is enabling toward private governance. The question of whether a servitude unreasonably burdens a fundamental constitutional right is determined as a matter of property law [meaning these servitudes], not constitutional law.” And, “What has been deliberately and carefully made ‘socially acceptable’ was, not too long ago, thought to be irresponsible — both financially and morally.”

5. The transformation of society and the acceptance of the New America of HOA-Lands.

 There are parallels between the acceptance and establishment of the HOA as an institution, and the influence and acceptance of Nazi doctrine in Germany before and during WW II. Both offered benefits and serious drawbacks, but only the pluses were seen and not the negatives. The rationale of the defenders of Nazism follow a similar pattern to that of the defenders of the HOA authoritarian, private government.

Mayer wrote that the “good” Germans went along “in the usual sincerity that required them only to abandon one principle after another, to throw away, little by little, all that was good.”


Read the complete article HOAs in America.


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  1. […] The cause of the continued protection of these private, authoritarian governments that deny constitutional protections for homeowners, and  are allowed to operate unaccountable to the state, can be laid before each and every state legislature.  They and the individual legislators — excepting those too few individuals who had attempted to bring about much needed reforms, but who have attained very limited results against the strength of “the system”  — cannot say in all honesty, “not me, him or them.”  It is each of them who are accountable for the repudiation of our democratic system of government, much in the same manner that the German people succumbed to the National Socialist Party with its strident corporate supporters and were led astray.  (See HOAs in America: the illusion of democracy in a dysfunctional republic). […]

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