New HOA billboard warning — health hazard

HOA  Syndrome

Billboard sign Dr. Gary Solomon has put up on Boulder Highway, NV


Dr. Solomon has diagnosed symptoms of stress from living in an HOA.  See Psychologist defines the HOA Syndrome caused by oppressive HOAs,

Hear discussion of HOA Syndrome on OnTheCommons talk radio

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  1. Hi there, simply become aware of your blog via Google, and found that it’s really informative. I’m gonna watch out for brussels. I will appreciate if you happen to proceed this in future. Many people shall be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  2. I love when anyone is having as much fun as reading your blog. Cant wait to read more.

  3. Just wanting to give a link to Dr. Solomon’s website: HOA Syndrome………. either or a simpler way:

    His website is still under construction…….

    ………Sam in Henderson NV

  4. I was very taken with Dr. Judith Corey’s articulate and honest letter regarding HOAs. They own our land, they own our houses and now they own our emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing (HOA Syndrome). Property management is a $40 billion a year business and they get free help from the HOA board members, it doesn’t get any better for them.

    Thank you for acknowleging Dr. Gary Solomon and George Staropoli. Both have worked tirelessly for the good of their neighbors.

    It is good to hear that a medical professional as yourself agree with and believe in HOA Syndrome.

    I would love to communicate with you

    Dr. Robin Huhn
    Henderson, NV

  5. Living in an HOA was the worst thing that ever happened to me – that I could have avoided. As a physician, although not a psychiatrist or psychologist, I absolutely believe in the validity of ‘HOA Syndrome’.
    Lost sleep, extreme stress and anxiety that permeates every aspect of your life and harms your family repeatedly…if you find yourself in the crosshairs of a vicious, dishonest and greedy Tyrant on the Board , then you can pretty much kiss life as you know it ‘goodbye’ for up to a decade. I’m in my 6 th year of HOA Helll and there’s still no end in sight.
    There seems to be little or no help for those of us already sucked into the maw of the monster. I’ve never even received a form letter ‘blow off’ in response to my letters to our Louisiana politicians… But we do have a responsibility to warn others away and to try to save those still so at risk. I forget who said it and the exact quote but I’ve never forgotten the gist of the quote ‘When they came for the teachers I was silent because I wasn’t a
    teacher…when they came for the Jews I didn’t object because I wasn’t a Jew….ect’
    I’m a busy mother, wife and physician. Never thought I’d have time or even be too interested in social problems, politics or activism. Happy to pay my taxes and feel privileged to live in this great free country, and to donate to Feed the Children and other worthy causes to help my fellow man, especially helpless children…that was life before being blatantly terrorized by an HOA. Now I am frankly pissed. It’s unbelievable that the government I have supported with all my heart for all my life, and that so many of my family for generations have served as soldiers and sailors, has just stood back and ignored the mental and financial abuse of it’s citizens while sucking up every fallacy and donation the Community Association Industry lobbyists tosses to them. It’s surreal.

    I have never before been exposed to the level of anti- American, amoral and just frankly reprehensible tyranny that flourishes with wild abandon in my HOA. They figuratively thumb their nose and drop their pants to wag their asses at their ‘captive audience’. And the only ‘right’ the audience members have is the right to dishonestly sell the vile ‘HOA – encumbered’ home to some other potential victim…. which of course necessitates lying thru ommision by not disclosing how extremely damaging to their quality of life and theirfinances it will be if they somehow blunder into the crosshairs of the Royalty of the
    Board – or one of their minions.
    I applaud Dr. Solomon and Mr. Staroploi – these wonderful, brave Americans should be eligible for the domestic version of the Nobel Peace prize. They’ve been the strongest light in the dungeon my HOA has imprisoned my family in for years…But I really fear that since they don’t have the billions of dollars to fight, like the CAI industry continues to fleece out of the homeowner victims, then they don’t have the necessary monies to ‘buy’ the real attention of our legislators.
    Because this country used to be about democracy, justice and equality. Sadly it now seems that those are commodities for sale to the highest bidder, no longer inalienable rights.
    Tell me where to start, to work around our silent legislators, and I’ll certainly pitch in.

    Judith L. Corey MD
    New Orleans, LA

    • Dissolution of the HOA corporations is the cure for HOA Syndrome (and all the pillaging of our American dreams by this invasive species of government). Let’s direct this anger of “occupy wall street” towards corporatocracies that big developers created. Simply facilitate democratic choice and circulate an agreement to abandon the contracts (Declarations of CC&Rs) by circulation of a petition. The homeowners did not write these draconian rules – the HOA industry lawyers did this in collusion with those big developers. They wrote the rules and now they enforce the rules…the very definition of tyranny. OCCUPY YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD and turn the key of democratic choice. To have a mandatory HOA or not to have a mandatory HOA…that is the question. You need 2/3 of the people to sign an agreement to abandon the contract. If the mafia refuses to step down after 2/3 of the people sign to abandon, then it’s justified to give ’em the Ghaddaffi treatment.

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