Unconstitutional laws and sanctions of invalid HOA powers


There are two Arizona bills dealing with substantive, constitutional HOA reforms:  SB 1170, the issue of who controls public streets, and SB 1148, the restoration of due process protections for homeowners by means of an independent tribunal adjudication of HOA disputes. Legislators need to understand the constitutional aspects of these bills and, by the failure of the Legislature to act, the sanctioning of HOA actions that are invalid, unconstitutional, or against public policy. “Sanctioning,” as used in the courts, is the statutory permission to act in a manner that the legislature does not deem illegal. The chief example of this sanctioning is the use of the word “may” in the statutes. While not a compulsory order by the Legislature, it is nevertheless a statement that any such acts are not illegal. A second common example of sanctioning, the error of omission, is the refusal to enact statutes to declare certain acts as illegal.


The crux of the opposition to these bills, with their “equal application of the laws” issue, has been the popular cry of protecting individual rights, specifically in regard to “freedom of contract” and “no government interference.”  The more elegant opposition can be stated by a quote from the Dec. of  Indep.:  governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.  The opposition would have legislators believe that this is the end all of the Constitution.  They believe that the HOA constructive notice “contract” is sacrosanct, inviolate, and there is no need for a “Truth in HOAs” law similar to other consumer protection laws, like truth in lending and truth in advertising.  However, the special consideration given to the HOA industry by pro-HOA,  no homeowner protections legislation, and the unconscionable adhesion contract nature of the CC&Rs — with its implicit and non-existent surrender of the homeowner’s rights, freedoms, privileges and immunities — can easily be seen as a violation of The Arizona Constitution :


Read the complete commentary at constitutional.



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  1. I truly hope this bill gets passed, we homeowners need it badly. The board of directors here at Apache Wells, was mostly made up of all country club members, with their own agenda. They wanted a new country clubhouse, pro shop, restaurant, at a cost of over $6,200 per homeowners, non member or not, didn’t matter to them. They thought they won, but we took them to court and won our case against them, turns out that the vote was in violation of our CC&R. They now built their club house for around 2-3 Million.
    It’s this type of bullying that we need this SB1148 passed.
    Thank you

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