Independent tribunal adjudication of HOA disputes in AZ held unconstitutional

An Arizona appellate court declared that the independent tribunal adjudication of HOA disputes by the Off. of Admin. Hearings was unconstitutional. After four attempts, the Arizona CAI law firm of Carpenter Hazlewood Delgado & Wood had finally obtained its long sought victory. (See Gelb v. Casa Contenta HOA, CA-CV 09-0744, Ariz. App. Div. 1, Oct. 28, 2010).

If you followed my time line in the Merrit case (2008), Carpenter was desperately seeking to get OAH declared unconstitutional.  It started with Brown v, Terravita, but no decision was made.  Next followed Waugaman where Judge Downie decided it was unconstitutional, but applied the decision only to the HOA at issue.  Along came Merrit v. Phoenix Townhouses and a decision was quickly made to take the case up on the constitutionality question, wherein Carpenter sought the Downie ruling to be applied to ALL HOAs.  However, Merrit got out of the HOA before the appeal was made, making it a moot question without a concrete issue. However, the decision was not challenged except by me, and I was snubbed and denied any further filings in the case. (See The State of Arizona will not protect buyers of HOA homes! for the case study and court filings.)

At the same time as Merrit, perhaps Carpenter realizing this serious problem of standing to sue, raises the constitutionality question in Gelb at the superior court trial level (see ¶ 6) – just in case.  This was in Aug 2008, at the time Merrit was going on.  There was really nothing new in the Gelb decision as it reads from both Cactus Wren and Hancock, like with Downie in Waugaman, except the slap at the legislature trying to get around the courts that was made by Downie is missing.

 Question:    The HOA had won at the Office of Administrative Hearings.  Gelb was contesting the decision.  Why on earth would the HOA’s attorney challenge the constitutionality of the decision, which upon a win, would invalidate the OAH decision in favor of his client, the HOA????  Who was Carpenter working for????

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