Stop your HOA foreclosure –demand the HOA to prove title

The real issue as I’ve pointed out is:  Does the foreclosing party hold the deed?  That’s what all the “robosigning” and “document irregularities” are all about — saying that they held the title.  The MSNBC Dylan Ratigan show at 1:00 PM MST described the problem quite well.  You can track it down by going to the internet and viewing the segment online. (View

Ratigan asked if the foreclosure fraud was intended to cover-up the larger mortgage “give away” fraud.  Ohio AG said foreclosures  “involved filing fraudulent evidence” in the foreclosure process – “fraudulent affidavits.”  Ratigan said it quite clearly: “the banks to bypass the normal court procedures  to force the mortgage holder to prove they own the property in order to foreclose.”


While the CC&Rs  and state laws allow them to foreclose, most must follow the laws regarding mortgage foreclosures.  Homeowners facing foreclosure should get an attorney to stop any pending HOA foreclosure, ASAP!

And, have you asked yourself, why didn’t the HOA attorneys know about holding title?  Why didn’t the national HOA education and lobbying group’s College of Community Association Lawyers (CAI’s CCAL) know about holding title?  Why not?

See HOA foreclosures illegal under “no title” rulings?

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  1. As much as I’d like to say this works – it doesn’t work when an HOA has been extorting and embezzling HOA funds in collusion with an illegal debt collector, HOA attorney and property management company (whose founder was up on prior federal criminal charges). Needless to say, these HOA crooks stole our homes, while the State of Nevada and federal government looked the other way.

    Can we say HOA Mafia?

    We’re thinking Canada. Taking our retirements with us, before the good ol’ USA steals that, too.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by George K. Staropoli, George K. Staropoli. George K. Staropoli said: Stop your HOA foreclosure – demand the HOA to prove title -HOA Constitutional Government: via @addthis […]

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