The Unspoken Alliance: “No negatives about HOAs”

The Arizona Republic ran the article, HOA, Laveen man fight over historic flag. 

The HOA called the flag debris and said it broke neighborhood rules.. . . The flag’s a favorite emblem for the ‘tea party”‘movement.

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This is a solid First Amendment violation of the right to speak freely on politcal matters.  Supreme Court has upheld such rights. Any deed restriction or covenant that is against public policy or is unconstitutional is invalid and unenforceable. Long held law, thank goodness!

Now, you would think that the HOA attorney, Delgado. another member of the CAI law firm of Carpenter Hazlewood, would know that.  Wouldn’t you think so?   It is interesting that the media always fails to mention this affiliation with CAI, as many of these attorneys lecture on how to live happily in an HOA.  And they are supported by your local town government through the HOA Academy and Leadership Centre programs. 

Are the media and local supporting governments part of the unspoken alliance of, “No negatives about HOAs”?  

How about your Attorney General?  Your consumer protection agencies?  Your real estate department?  The Realtors?  Heard or read anything of substance against HOAs?  Gee, maybe I’m delusional and there are no serious issues of substance after all.

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