Undemocratic HOA governments: Politburo federalization

I am not surprised by the silence to my Blogcritic article, ” HOAs: Unrecognized De Facto Local Political Governments ”   It takes time to absorb, since there is the shock that this is happening not in a European or third world country, but here in the US of A. 

In an email back in the summer of 2006, when first writing about the broader impact on constitutional principles by these private governments,  I had the analogy of the Communist Politburo in my mind.  I wrote, in regard to writing another article,

 I will allude to CAI as the modern equivalent of Communist Russia’s Politburo that, from its HQ in Alexandria, VA, has sent its faithful and loyal followers to every state legislature to undermine the American system of government. With less that 17,000 members, smaller than the members of the Arizona Assn. of Realtors alone, CAI controls public policy with respect to the homeowner association governance of condominiums and planned communities.  While its membership represents less than 6% of the homeowners associations in the US as estimated by CAI, its lobbyists control legislation with respect to HOAs in almost every state of the union.

 As added documentation as to where the promoters and supporters of the HOA legal scheme,  are taking us — those legal-academic aristocrats as I refer to them —   here is a real example of a “federal,” Politburo government in Arizona.  The governing structure of Anthem in Maricopa County, AZ, a master community contractual government, binding homeowners under the servitude law of constructive notice, is such a Politburo.  It has a federalized form of government, drafted in 1999 by longtime legal-academic aristocrat Wayne Hyatt, setting out a central government, the Anthem Community Council, ACC, (those socialistic terms) that has no members and is governed by a board of directors.  As the owner/declarant of all the properties to be known as Anthem, it unilaterally declared that,

 To pay for the Council Expenses, all Owners, through an Association or directly, shall be obligated to pay assessments, fees, and other charges as set forth in this Community Covenant . . . This Community Covenant shall be binding upon all Persons having any right, title, or interest in any portion of the subjected real property, their heirs, successors, successors-in-title, and assigns.

 The ACC further binds all property owners who are subject to an association governing a phased subdivision, as hereby subject to this ACC.  In other words, ACC is the federal arm, or more accurately, the Politburo, overseeing the resident-citizens of the Anthem territory and all Anthem subdivision “state” governments.

 BTW, have you noticed the socialist terminology?  In the various state laws, HOAs are called “planned communities”, and Anthem has a “community council,” and there’s the “communal living” aspect of HOAs (described as such by NJ Justice in the Twin Rivers case).  Yes, folks, right here in the good ol’ US of A, and nobody cares.  Not even any of the political parties, or public interest organizations, or the media.

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  1. Frightening indeed. Why aren’t the Reaganites up in arms over this?

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