HOA demographics: Arizona Hispanics


Earlier I presented demographics from a 2007 CAI study in HOA satisfaction that alluded to the homeowner association resident population being significantly different from the general  population[i].    From the survey, the demographics showed that HOA residents are non-minority, educated, well off seniors.   Either the CAI – Zogby sample was biased or it was representative of the general HOA population.

Being curious as to whether HOAs admit to a segmentation of the general US population, I conducted a non-scientific, “take a peek” analysis of my own. My methodology selected 25 HOAs at random in Maricopa County, AZ, and to look at the single issue of Hispanics living in HOAs.  Because of the lack of accessible data, I relied on subdivision lot ownership records with Spanish surnames as my criteria for Hispanic ownership.  I obtained data on the 8 city/towns represented by the sample HOAs, as well as state and county data[ii]. 

The table below compares the city/town Hispanic percentages, based on the 2000 Census,  with the results found from the HOA county records.

Town/city Census HOA
Chandler   21%   5.4%
Gilbert   12%   3.1%
Phoenix   34%   22.2%
Scottsdale 7%   0.7%
Queen Creek 30%   3.6%
Peoria   15%   10.5%
Surprise   23%   11.6%
Avondale   46%   26.8%
  AVG 24%   10%


The 2000 Census showed a population of 25% Hispanics in Arizona and the sample shows 24%, with the HOA sample average of only 10%. The 2008 update gave a 31% Hispanic population in Maricopa County.  The deviations from the Census population data indicate that the Hispanic population in HOAs did not conform to the overall county data, and that HOAs have a significantly smaller Hispanic population. 

Now, seeking an explanation for this result, I reasoned that this smaller population figure could be the fact that Hispanics in Arizona own a smaller proportion of the homes than non-Hispanics.  In fact a study by HUD based on 2000 Census data revealed about a 50% reduction in ownership of homes for Hispanics:  24.8% for non-Hispanics vs. 12.4% for Hispanics (see Ownership, appendix table 1A,, n. 2).  Even with this substantial reduction in the number of Hispanic owners expected to be found by this analysis of county ownership records, the sample still reflects a significant difference from the Census data.

This question of HOA demographics needs to be given serious study and appropriate research conducted, since there is the implication that HOAs are a vehicle for class structure within the US.  Local governments increasingly support, and even mandate, an  HOA for all new home construction.  And, additionally, that the HOA form of government repudiates the US Constitution, and denies homeowners the equal protection and due process of law in pursuit of an empty statement of maintaining property values.


[i] See 2010 US Census ignores HOA demographics.

[ii] Ownership in Maricopa County, http://www.huduser.org/Publications/PDF/hisp_homeown7.pdf; population data from http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/04/0412000.html.  The data was based on the 2000 US Census and 2008 interim data.

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