Letter to NC House Select HOA Committee


Dear Committee members:

I am providing a copy of an email from a NC homeowner that exhibits her frustration and inability to deal in a fair and equitable manner with her HOA board.  If you believe that homeowners openly and freely agreed to be subjected to this type of treatment by de facto private governments, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I’d like to sell you.  Homeowners need to be protected like any other segment of the people from abuse by any group or organization. To say that a homeowner can go to court for a redress of grievances, would be like saying that there was nothing wrong with the 1950s Poll Tax abomination, used as an effective, legal at the time, devise to stop voter registrations.

 Please see my earlier post to concerned parties pertaining to recent NC Supreme Court decisions regarding HOAs.

Please restore constitutional protections for homeowners, along with the respect and dignity that they deserve, and provide penalties against abusive boards for violating NC laws.


George K. Staropoli


Citizens for Constitutional Local Government

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