CAI continues the civil vs. private HOA government "turf wars"

Arizona CAI is at it again, fighting every little “turf war” to control the powers and authority over the members of the community, regardless of what the common law, real estate law, or constitutional law may hold.


We go from controlling parking issues on public streets to restricting access to one’s home. Under the law, every owner has the right to ingress and egress to his home, and the right of visitors and family members to have access to his home.   Under the right to advertise the sale of a home, Scott Carpenter has spied a loop-hole in the new HB 2345 bill signed into law, where is advises his faithful followers that, you know, you can prevent open houses in gated communities. He is cautious to state, “But nothing in HB 2345 requires an association to provide access to potential buyers when the access protocol in place would not permit their entry.”   And he stops there without qualifying things like, signing in, like placing a sticker on the dash, etc., but leaves readers to the false conclusion that they can stop open houses in some way. 

This is an outright failure to recognize the intent of the legislature, and to “stir up the pot”, knowing full well that any such harassment of potential buyers and visitors would be seen as an outright “restraint on alienation” under property law —  a clause that seeks to prohibit the recipient from selling or otherwise transferring his interest in the property.

HB 2768

Here, Carpenter attempts to muddle the waters with respect to transfer fees.  He says to the HOA boards, go forth and amend your CC&Rs (and we will be glad to show you how), at our usual fee) to make the fees for reserve purposes a “legitimate” covenant. “By virtue of the exception, HB2768 will not prohibit the enforcement of “transfer fee covenants” in governing documents if the fee or charge is to be used “exclusively for the purpose authorized in the document”   And Carpenter also points, hey guys, collect these fees for recreational purposes, which the law still allows.  Once again, ignoring the intent of the legislature on behalf of their separatist, secessionist private principalities.

These “turf wars” will continue  until the legislature finally takes a strong hand to properly restrain these lawyers and HOA boards, and assert the supremacy of civil government over contractual, private governments that reject the Constitution.

Source: HB 2345 and HB 2768.

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