"This is not Mayberry anymore" as mayor supports HOA usurpation of city's legitmate authority

Excerpts from my response to the advocacy for HOA governments by the Mayor of Glendale, AZ : —

I thought that the regulation of public streets was under the legitimate authority and powers of the City of Glendale, and any unsafe streets are the responsibility of the City of Glendale.  The fact that citizens are held bound to a private agreement does not grant the HOA the legitimate right and authority to regulate the usage of public streets. 

As to the buyer’s “understanding that there would be control of safety and welfare”, it does not warrant turning a blind eye to the HOA control of public streets.  These buyers are mistaken, or have been misled by those special interests, that the HOA rules supreme. 

This use of “all” is argumentative and does not explain objections by residents of HOAs to the regulation of public streets by a private organization, of “banana republic” due process, etc.  My experience shows that many homeowners are shocked at the invasion of the privacy of their homes by the HOA, and, contrary to sanctity of individual private property rights, that their rights can be trampled upon by a vote of their neighbors, without their consent.

Is this the position you are defending when you say you are speaking for your constituents?   Supporting a constituency that rejects the supreme law of the land, the US and Arizona constitutions in favor of a private “contract”? A contract that these people regard as superior to the Constitution? 

Read the complete email response at Mayor.

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