The New American values thrive in HOA-land: 'missing persons' flyers not allowed

I read with disbelief the following quotes from the (Seattle, WA) report about a homeowners association objection to posting ‘missing persons’ flyers.

Now the president of the Country Hollow Homeowners’ Association has made them take down the rest of the fliers, which are designed to raise awareness about Susan’s disappearance.

The regulations of the community do not allow any posting of signs on community property,” he told the volunteers. “As the president of the association, I have to tell you.

My comment:

HOA rules are first and foremost in the New America of HOA-land. Those values that made America the greatest country in the world mean nothing to the neo-Americans.  Here’s my review of Rediscovering Values, Jim Wallis, Simon & Schuster, 2010. (Mr. Wallis is a preacher who has appeared on numerous TV discussion panels). And many people see no wrongs. Paraphrasing  Wallis:And where are the supporters of HOAs, I ask, who tell the public and governemnt officials that HOAs create great communities?  Nowhere to be found.  Their hypocrisy shows loud and clear. Their watchword is:  “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil of HOAs.” 

Do we want [property] values to prevail everywhere and in all things? Are there some areas of life where [property] values should not determine what is most important — personal and family relationships, ethics and religion, community and public service and social justice? Are there certain things degraded when [property values] are allowed to be the ultimate measure? Are there certain social values and practices that are higher than market values?

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