Supplement to Foundations of HOAs

The following four Commentaries, taken from the HOA Private Government website, update the Foundations eBook with additional historical materials relating to the intent of the creators of the HOA model, and the motivations and rationale of the Community Associations Institute (CAI).   They can be found in the eBook Supplement to Foundations of HOAs.


1964 —  ULI publishes The Homes Association Handbook, the HOA “bible

1967 —  U. CAL publishes Public Affairs Report critique of the Handbook.

1973 —  CAI is formed to deal with HOA problems.

1978 —  David Wolfe, a CAI founder, likes HOAs as government competitor.

1983 —  America II is published, a view of the societal changes by HOAs.

1989 — US Advisory Comm. answers for public officials

1994 —  Privatopia, the seminal critique of HOAs as private governments.

2000 —  The ULI – CAI funded Community Associations  view of HOAs.

2008 —  Establishing the New America appears — an advocate’s recount of HOA foundations.

2008 — Rutgers Law Journal critique of Twin Rivers decision

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