White House supports HOA flag flying!

Yes we can!   
The White House has joined in to support Col. Barfoot.  We are being heard!  The Richmond-Times Dispatch wrote,

The story has drawn national attention, and today during the White House press briefing, President Barack Obama’s chief spokesman Robert Gibbs was asked if the president supported Col. Barfoot.

“I think its silly to think that somebody that’s done that couldn’t have a flagpole,” said Gibbs, the White House press secretary, referring to Barfoot’s service in three wars.


Politicians respond to the voice of the people.  We need to get our voice heard today and at this important time.  We need to get the President’s personal attention.  Write to him!  Write your Congressman. DO IT NOW!  Do not let the opportunity escape.  It is very important to speak of constitutional issues and the need to address the issues I raised in my Richmond-Times comments yesterday: Pres. Obama and flying the flag in HOAs.  Let’s make sure the President is made personally aware of this problem!
You can comment on this article now that it is being watched, or write the White House. Read the article.
Use this link to a form to contact the Presidenthttp://www.whitehouse.gov/contact
For more in the need for the President’s intervention, see:

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  1. It has been reported that Col. Barfoot won his battle. The HOA will drop its threat of a lawsuit.

    I believe the “heat” was too much. The pro-HOA parties saw the direction that this was going — for the Constitution and against private governments — and smartly decided to stop anymore constitutional discussions.

  2. You can follow a lively exchange I’m having with a few commentators on the Richmond Times-Dispatch article at http://www2.timesdispatch.com/rtd/news/state_regional/state_regional_govtpolitics/article/kaine_backs_barfoot_in_flagpole_dispute/309537/

  3. A group of students has just launched a PETITION to support Col. Van Barfoot and his right to fly the American flag with pride and respect.

    Please join & spread the word.


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