the next generation: will it restore democracy to HOAs?

I’d like to share part of this 16 year-old high senior’s Univ. of AZ college application. The student, Michael Woodburn of Phoenix, had to write a short essay on the topic of how a Michael J. Woodburnuniversity education would help his generation better deal with the problems that he feels  confronts  the country today.  He wrote:

The gravest problem facing my generation in years to come is the lack of moral responsibility expressed by the politicians who work for the people, which a university education can remedy by helping my generation to reasonably elect the leaders of our country.

Politicians today ignore the fact that the people elect them; their duty is to work for the people’s benefit and the benefit of our country. Many forget this duty and replace it with party strife and selfish reward. When deciding upon a resolution, politicians often forego the most utilitarian option solely to restrain the influence of a rival political party when passing such a resolution. Politicians will also at times worry more about their public appearance instead of about the problems affecting the citizens they represent just for the sake of being reelected. These actions are a violation of their duties toward us.

A university education will enable my generation to think clearly for themselves. By thinking in such a manner, my generation will elect officials based on their merit and what they can offer the people, not just blindly following what they hear. This generation of representatives will pass on and my generation will follow; with a university education we will better know how to benefit our country and its citizens. With a university education, my generation can elect trustworthy and responsible leaders.

To correct the imperfections of current politicians, my generation would benefit from a university education designed to develop the minds of the people.

I hope that his generation will better understand the affront to the American system of democracy created by the neo-Americans who accept, promote, and defend the authoritarian, private, political governance of subdivisions by the HOA form of government.  These private regimes place, like the fascist governments of long ago, the state — the HOA — before the people.  I hope his generation will better able to correct the direction that this country is heading, and restore the values, principles and beliefs of a democratic government that was, at one time, the envy of the world.

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