Pres. Obama, when will we get an HOA summit?

First, I’ve been told that many representatives still don’t know what “HOA” stands for?  That’s unbelievable!  With more than 18% of Americans living under private government, authoritarian regimes today, our government is in the dark. Unbelievable!  I hope they know what a planned community or  a condominium is, and that they are governed by a homeowners association (HOA).
Today I discovered that Pres. Obama feels he needs to get involved in the texting issue, I guess as a “teaching point” since people just can’t get it, for some reason or another.  After the attention given to the alleged racial incident, now he will call attention to this stupidity of texting while driving.
What?  We don’t need his involvement?  The people don’t need federal intervention for them to do what is right, and not what they’d like to do, is what many are thinking.  Well, I got news for you.
The Arizona Senate failed to pass SB 1443, a bill to outlaw texting — only texting and not cell phone calls (read definition of “use” in the bill) while driving.  (Undoubtedly due to big business lobbyists).  So, our representatives do need some guidance and assistance in clear thinking to protect the people, rather than to help businesses. 
President  Obama, when are you going to hold an HOA summit as a “teaching point”?   I, and others, got lots of material for you to digest.

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