Pres. Obama spoke of getting involved in democracy

In his address today on a Cyber Czar, President Obama mentioned that his administration was looking fornew ways for Americans to become involved in Democracy.”
Will someone please wake him up!  Where has he been all these years?  If the President does indeed desire a compassionate Supreme Court Justice, as he announced, then he must act to stop the subversion of American principles for those equitable servitudes advocating property values, first and foremost.  The ends, a beautified American landscape, does not justify the means,  private government HOAs unaccountable under the Constitution!
Here are a few Commentaries about these authoritarian, self-proclaimed democratic, un-American private governments:
Establishing the New America: a new book
Memorial Day: American soldiers are defending a New America, one without democratic protections
Judicial integrity: support Constitutional protections or the New America of HOAs
The New American federalism: the surrender of states rights to HOAs
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