A question of HOA governance: President Obama said, "but whether government works"

President Obama said in his inaugural speech, “The question is not whether government is too big or too little, but whether government works.”  
I guess that says it all with respect to HOA governance.  It’s not a question of contract interference by big government, or an imposed objective of a landscaped America first and foremost, above individual freedoms and liberties, it’s whether our “government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish” under the strong HOA lobbying influence of private business organizations that influence state legislatures to the contrary.
Today, with the prevalence of the privatization of government services and government functions per se, and the propaganda from the national HOA lobbying organization, there seems to be a confusion between the functions and purposes of bona fide government and those of a business.  Public government is not a business; HOA government is not a business.  HOA government is a de facto government not under the democratic American  system of government, but under the autocratic top-down form of corporate government that must deny constitutional protections in order to coerce compliance to developer imposed CC&Rs.  Such HOA governance, over a 45 year period, has been shown to not work. 
Why, then, do state legislatures continue to pretend it’s working, that it is consistent with democratic American governance, and pretend that it’s the will of the local community? 
Why are state legislatures afraid to subject HOA governments to the same laws and due process available to those not living under HOA regimes?  Why?  Why the two Americas?

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  1. We have a Civic Association in our community that is trying to act like a homeowners association. They even tell local authorities that they are a homeowners association. They have intimidated and bullied residents for years and have tried to get mandatory membership in their assocition for over 20 years and have failed at every attempt. Needless to say, this has cost a lot of people a lot of money to put them in their place. We are sick of it. I’d rather be homeless and live on the streets then belong to a homeowners association.

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