Has Calif. CLRC supported HOA industry in Davis-Stirling rewrite?

Excerpts from my letter to CLRC regarding its defense against claims of a pro-HOA bias.
Your email (see Appendix A) to Ms Vanitzian of December 12th has come to my attention.  Her complaint focused on the domination of  CLRC by real estate lawyers and the national business trade lobbying group, Community Associations Institute (CAI) in the presence of its California state chapter, the California Legislative Action Committee (a joint committee of eight CAI state chapters).  And that homeowner advocates have been excluded from any meaningful consideration of this Davis-Stirling rewrite that affects them, personally.
I must agree with Ms Vanitzian that there appears to be a bias in favor of these outsider attorney interlopers, these legal-academic aristocrats, claiming to represent the interests of the CID homeowners, and supported by the CAI national trade group that does not have any HOA membership category, just HOA management members. 
It is interesting to note that on March 24, 2008 Ms Vanitzian’s Letter to the Editor appeared in the Central Valley Business Times, in which she not only criticized AB 1921, but CLRC as well (see Appendix B).  On April 11th I emailed CLRC my criticisms of AB 1921 and CLRC’s failure to address Chapter 2, Member Bill of Rights, which was just an empty placeholder in the bill. 

CLRC apparently wrestled with what to do about a bill of rights and presented a perplexed state of mind to the public: 


However, a bill of rights would probably go beyond the substantive rights

that are currently provided in the law. What might those additional rights be? . . .

How would these rights apply in a CID context, where the governing body is

a private association rather than the state?  CLRC MM05-03.

And yet, CLRC sees no need for a Members Bill of Rights.  It has fallen right in line with the proponents of a New America of top-down special laws for the governance of a segment of the population living in HOAs.  Special laws that ignore the US Constitution with its concern for individual freedoms and liberties, for justice, and for protections against government abuse, whether public or private. 
Read the complete letter at CLRC.
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  1. Were does a homeowner go for help against harassment being singled out ?? I am having problems with my HOA and I don’t know what to do or were to go

    • You supposedly have an Ombudsman to help you. Contact him at the Capitol.

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