Where’s the compelling reason to protect HOAs?

This expedient departure from principle was nothing new in American history” wrote James MacGregor Burns in Roosevelt: The Soldier of Freedom.   He was referring to the denial of constitutional rights resulting from the internment of the Japanese here in America. 
We all can understand expediency in the time of war, but where is the justification for the denial of constitutional rights to Americans living in homeowners associations?  What threat do HOAs pose to warrant the denial of rights, not as an expedient, but permanently?  However, the opposite is quite evident:  it is the government’s protection of these authoritarian regimes itself that is sanctioning this denial of rights.  And, it’s not even an expedient!  And, there’s no compelling justification for protecting the general interests, if any, of the government. 
How can anyone, including our government officials and legislators, truly accept the over-simplified, misleading sound-bite argument that “the homeowner signed a contract” in face of strong evidence to the contrary?  Or that, after the imposition of pro-HOA laws, any further attempt for reform now becomes “contract interference”?
It is disgraceful conduct by our government officials under strong special interest pressures.  If not pressure from the lobbyists, then it must be a rejection of American democracy by our government itself!
Welcome to the New America of independent HOA principalities!
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