CAI: Lack of Candor to Legislators

Based on the above CAI materials, we can safely conclude that CAI has equated “vibrant and harmonious communities” with “as defined in terms of the best interests of CAI members”.  It is highly irrational to believe and accept that the two are the same, that the interests of the homeowners, and even the HOA corporation, are identical to those of the vendors servicing HOAs.  Yet, this is the CAI position, while at the same time its lobbyists are proclaiming to the legislators that CAI speaks for the best interests of the HOA and the homeowners. 



The above materials also confirm CAI as a national lobbying organization with CAI “Central” controlling the local chapter LACs. CAI is a top-down structure.  There is no voice of the homeowner community.


This situation is very similar to the management-employee conflicts.  Management, and the businesses, have many trade groups.  So do the HOAs, the HOA attorneys and the HOA management firms. Where are the trade groups, the professional associations, for the employees?  Who speaks for the owner-members, the “employees of the HOA business?  Who protects their interests? Surely it cannot be the national trade lobbying organization, CAI!



Read the complete Commentary at Candor






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  1. What are the abovementioned materials?
    Thanks for all you do, by the way.

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