State legislatures must reverse the secession of HOAs from the constitution

In early January 1930, Mohandas Gandhi composed a Declaration of Independence for Indians against the British Raj. I have paraphrased this document as befitting the state of affairs today with the state protection of authoritarian homeowners association regimes.

We believe it is the inalienable right of the [homeowners in HOAs], as of any other [citizen], to have freedom and enjoy the fruits of their toils and have the necessities of life, [liberty and the pursuit of happiness].

The [state legislatures] have not only deprived the [homeowners in HOAs] of their freedom but have based itself on the exploitation of [these homeowners], and [have ruined their respective states] 

  1. economically [by failure to hold HOAs financially accountable],
  2. politically [by depriving these homeowners of their due process and their equal application of the law protections that are applicable to all other government entities],
  3. culturally and spiritually [by supporting the HOA’s objectives of maintaining property values without protecting the rights and freedoms of the homeowners]. 
  4. We believe, therefore, that the [state legislatures] must sever their connection to, [protection and support of, and cooperation with these independent HOA principalities] and [deny their secession from the US and state Constitutions].

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  1. Just a quick note to thank you again for that you’re doing for those of us living in HOA’s and for the advice and help you have given me over the years.
    Many, many thanks
    John Cantrell
    Las Vegas, NV

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