What Happened at the Arizona Senate

DVDA 63-minute DVD, with case, is available for viewers to witness, for themselves, the interests of partisan politics dominating good public policy. We are all aware of how the interests of the party, and of the lobbyists that have a strong influence over the legislators, have a profound effect on governing and on public policy. These influences burst out into the open at this session, and can be heard directly from statements made by the Senators.

A 7-minute “trailer” can be viewed at Senate by selecting “What Happened”..

Send an email to StarPub to order the $10 video.

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  1. The Arizona Senate Ethics Committee met today and voted, 3 – 2, to hear the ethics complaint by Sen. Cheuvront against Sen. Harper. Excerpts from this short meeting:

    The Issue, as stated by Chairman Tibshraeny (R): “Should we dismiss or investigate the complaint”? Voted to hear the complaint.

    Senator Leff (R) asked, at the very beginning, “What’s the difference between ‘not knowing the rules’ and an ethics violation”? “Mistakes made that night. Need more education”.

    Senator Blendu (R): “An action that one is not happy with is not an ethics violations . . . It was a mistake not an ethics violation.” “Dismiss the motion.”

    Senator Arzberger (D): “Committee should determine if an ethics violation ocurred . . . Point of order procedure was ignored. Why?”. [This is the proper procedure for an objection]. Substitute motion: “Investigate the complaint.”

    Senator Miranda (D): “Investigate whether on purpose or on accident.”

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