Partisan politics dominate AZ Senate final session: HOA reform bill SB1162 not heard

Understanding that with the BIG Media control over our news media you will not be told about the serious failings of the Senators in their final 2008 session. So much for the media’s role in a healthy democracy. So much for homeowner association reforms!

ALIS has posted the divisive and contentious session on its site. Click on the link below and select the 3 hour and 40 minute entry shown below.

Instead of watching a movie or the news this evening, watch this real life unfolding of politics and the legislature, and understand why HOA reform bills are having difficulty getting passed into law. See and listen to the Senators speaking themselves about the loss of integrity, and “a sad day for the state, and for this body, too”.

    And all the while keep in mind that there is not even a whisper of passing SB1162 with its attempt to remove ex post facto amendments and to level the litigation playing field for millions living in HOAs.

The relevant material begins about 38:40 minutes into the video with an exchange with Sen. Cheuvront on HB2723, special tax districts. Sen. Cheuvront is interrupted by a motion to adopt the COw report, and thereby end the COW session. Sen. Harper is the chair. (COW ends with a motion to report the results to the Senate, where it must be accepted by a vote).

This action by the Republicans serves as the catalyst for charges and counter-charges of rules violation that then permeates the next 2 hours. You will hear cries of “point of order” to the interruption that are ignored, with the session resuming with Pres. Bee now as the Chair. You will hear the call for the Rules attorney to attend the session.

You will hear charges of undue influence of the lobbyists, of partisan politics — from the Senators themselves.

    The sequence is:

discussion of the Cheuvront amendment
discussion of the of the retention of certain bills accepted in COW (not to be voted on)
discussion of SCR 1042, the constitutional amendment against gay marriages

The frequent speakers that you will see are:


Pres. Bee
Pres. pro Tempore, Blendu
Majority Leader, Vershoor
Majority Whip, Huppenthal
Senators Harper, Tibshraeny


Ass’t Minority Leader, Garcia
Senators Cheuvront, Aboud, Burton Cahill, McCune Davis
06/27/2008 – Senate Committee of the Whole #1 and Final Reading Part 2

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