Quo Vadis, Homeowners Association? Where are you going? Why?

A higher authority — a belief in a purpose to life and which gives meaning to our activities – has served to set ethical and moral values throughout the ages. 

But, God is dead.  God has been dead for a long, long time.  So, anything goes and there is no need to obey some higher authority.  Our politicians learned this very quickly and dedication to public service — service to make a better society — has been replaced with “leaving a highly favorable lasting legacy”.  And, the majority of people have come to accept a much lower standard for our leaders, one that makes the politician “just another guy like us, doing what we the average guy would do”. A good politician is one who is simply perceived as “cool”.

Our judicial system no longer believes that all men “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienabale rights” arising from “Nature’s God”, or “that to secure these rights governments are instituted among men”.  The Justices have taken these rights away and have redefined and interpreted our rights and the Constitution, seemingly influenced by the fleeting moment in history and how it makes them feel good.  This human behavior was anticipated by our Founding Fathers who took precautions to prevent or to lessen its harmful affects. 

But, God is dead, killed by these same Justices in the name of the same Constitution that they reinterpret quite freely without any apparent rhyme or reason.  And in their infinite wisdom, the Justices have failed to provide a much-needed replacement for this higher authority, leaving the people to choose for themselves what is proper conduct and behavior for society.  The result has been predictable: anything and everything goes.  “What is good and proper” has become “whatever makes you feel good.”

So, the people may write their own private constitutions to govern communities, and they need not comply with the US Constitution, or at least only comply with what the Justices will uphold and enforce if we can decipher whatever that is. Yet, it appears that whatever makes the community feel good is OK.  If its profits first, or “maintaining property values” first, who’s to say they can’t?

Who is to say, “No?”  Our Justices, having removed a “higher authority” as a guide to maintaining order, direction and goals for a society, have established no ethical or moral doctrine to replace “higher authority”.  Our political leaders firmly believe in their own personal view of “what’s good for me is good for the country.”  Our religious leaders have failed to rally to the dangers of a directionless and leaderless society.  In this leaderless void, the answer has become, “whatever makes you feel good”?

Quo vadis, homeowner?  Where are planned communities and homeowners associations taking you?

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