UCIOA amendments: a pretend homeowners bill of rights

After being in existence for some 24 years, the national commissioners felt the need to add a homeowners bill of rights to UCIOA, responding to outcries from homeowner rights advocates, and others such as AARP, for the need to protect homeowners.  However, a quick glance at the committee draft of the supposed UCIOA Homeowners Bill of Rights Act for homeowners reveals the now all too familiar industry redefinition of common words  — label it according to what they want to hear, but give homeowners only token changes.    

These proposed amendments bring to mind Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes, and more specifically, the negotiations between India’s demands for independence against the British. Gandhi is offered token reforms to appease demands for true local government.  He replies that they are unacceptable. A British officer retorts with, “Hear, hear!  India is part of the British Empire and . . . .”  Gandhi cuts him off with, “India belongs to the Indians!” 

HOAs belong to the homeowners, not to the industry business trade groups attempting to subject homeowners to special state laws that create private, authoritarian governments under UCIOA, permitting HOAs to remain outside the application of the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution.  

To view the complete email to the NCCUSL commissioners, see UCIOA.

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