AZ Governor’s slight-of-hand on HOA bills

ArizonaArizona   Remember SB1330, the bill that included for sale sign, solar panels and homestead protection amendments?  Remember Governor Napolitano’s far-fetched constitutionality argument of May 16th to veto this bill:

Today I vetoed Senate Bill 1330, which dealt with a variety of unrelated subjects. This bill violates the single subject rule. The provisions relating to the homestead exemption have nothing to do with the provisions regarding displays of for sale signs and are equally unrelated to provisions regarding solar energy. Even if those subjects could somehow be considered related . . . . As such, the bill is unconstitutional in its current form.”

In a flurry of activity on July 2nd, some 30 bills were signed into law, including SB1254 and SB 1062 dealing with solar panels and for sales signs, respectively.  SB1330 was not put to a vote to override the veto. It’s  interesting to note in light of the Governor’s veto above, that SB1062 is titled, “Relating to Condominiums and Planned Communities”, which has the ring of too many topics. Restoring the homestead exemption to homeowners living in HOAs was not put into law.

I wrote on May 18th  (see Veto),

“But in view of the historical intent and purpose of such a restriction [one topic per bill], the decision by the Governor to veto SB1330 is highly unreasonable and out of order.  The Governor needs to provide her real reason for her veto of this bill that attempts to correct an unconstitutional interference in private contracts, and an unequal application of the laws, by industry sponsored legislation in 1996.”

On July 2nd,  Governor Napolitano revealed her real reason for opposing the will of the people and vetoing SB1330 — she fell prey to the pressures of the HOA special interests who vehemently fought against this reform for the past several years

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