Memorial Day: American soldiers are defending a New America, one without democratic protections

new_const.jpgOur brave men and women, our sons and daughters, are sent to Iraq and elsewhere to promote and establish a form of democracy that is rapidly eroding in America, being replaced by independent principalities and city-states across this country.  They are more commonly known as HOAs.  The future foretells that these brave soldiers, and their children, will live in an authoritarian local government lacking in the protection of their fundamental rights and freedoms.  Some will die for this New America.

Let’s look at the astonishing population statistics (in millions). 

year       US       HOA     %

1970       205       2.1          1.0

1980       227       9.6          4.2

1990       249     29.6         11.9

2000       281     45.6         16.1

If we add on half the 1990 – 2000 HOA resident growth rate, 25%, that makes the 2005 HOA population about 56.5 million, or 18.8%. It was announced in 2006 that our largest minorities accounted for:

Hispanics:        14.8% of population;  Blacks:            13.8%

Yet, state legislators have continued to oppose constitutional reforms while mandating more and more of these private governments, these independent city-states, these principalities, operating outside the US Constitution.  The popular defense of HOAs is the argument that homebuyers voluntarily agreed to this loss of their rights, and that they were fully informed of all material factors affecting their decisions, rings hollow when such information is not part of any promotional advertising. 

Furthermore, there are no government web pages in any state informing buyers of all the consequences of HOA living and their loss of their “guaranteed” rights.  An example of the failure to warn and advise homebuyers — much as is required when people seek to buy IPO stocks, those RED Herring prospectuses with capitalized, bold, red lettering — can be found on the Constitutional Local Government website under “10 myths About HOAs“. 

Why is this “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” allowed to happen? What are our state governments afraid of?  Let there be freedom of choice, not suppression! This unspoken agreement, this conspiracy of silence, remains the policy of our supposedly democratic state governments where individual liberties and freedoms are expected to come first. 

Yet, our brave men and women go forth in defense of this New America, this United HOAs of America.  (Robert H. Nelson in his 2005 book, Private Neighborhoods, speaks of HOAs eventually replacing local municipalities).

Our federal government should look to ending this spread of undemocratic governments within America!  All the 2008 candidates ought to have the immediate reform of HOA governance on their agendas.

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