CAI miniscule minority dominates public policy


17,000 people, of the 29,000 CAI members, from 57,000,000 people living in 286,000 HOAs containing 23,100,000 units (CAI stats from, Apr 3, 2007, and its webpage,, Apr 3, 2007).  

Assume no CAI member is in the same unit or HOA; there are 2.5 people in a unit (US Census gives 2.6 people).


59% CAI membership is from HOA residents (17k/29k) —  there are no HOAs as members any longer

At most, 5.9% of HOAs have a resident member in CAI, (17k/286k) and that does not mean that the HOA is represented by CAI.

At most, .03% of all people living in HOAs are CAI members (17k/57M)

At most, .07% of all HOA units are a CAI member.

CAI minority dominates public policy

Yet, CAI as a national lobbying organization for over 34 years has been able to overwhelmingly dominate and influence public policy to the detriment of homeowners who are member-owners of the HOA, and deny them their fundamental rights and freedoms.

When will our state legislatures and government officials begin to realize that their pro-HOA legislation and regulation  does not have the support of a majority of the homeowners in HOAs, but a minority of individuals with a personal agenda. That their legislation supports special interest interference with the fundamental rights and freedoms of the people in violation of the US Constitution.

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