Arizona Republic: A new low in media ethics and a violation of the public trust.


An article appears on the website (owned by Phoenix Newspapers, Inc, in turned owned, along with the local NBC TV news, by media conglomerate Gannett Co., Inc) with no stated purpose but to recall the murders of Arizona Ventana Lakes HOA board members in 2000. It’s tag simply reads: A look back at the shooting that claimed two lives at a Ventana Lakes homeowners association meeting in 2000.  For some unexplained reason, the article, which simply lists a serious of Republic articles, appears under the NBC affiliate 12 News banner, peacock and all.


Why now? Why recall this event and not report on continued abuse by HOAs? Why not report on the outrageous HOA complaint filing fee increase to $2,000 unilaterally by the Director of the Dept. Fire, Building and Life Safety?  Or the repeated attempts to restore the homestead exemption to homeowners living in HOAs as Rep. Farnsworth’s HB2703 seeks to do? No, all there is silence on these important issues affecting over one million residents in HOAs.


Instead, on the site, dated March 24, the Arizona Republic ran a second article telling its viewers of the fears by retirees of too many cars on public streets.  Yes, a PUBLIC street. The Republic chose to echo the false and unsupportable arguments of the special interest groups lead by Community Associations Institute lobbyists and lawyers, who run an HOA column every Saturday in the paper.  Why?

Perhaps, could it be that Senator Gray is fighting hard for his SB1360 to stop HOA boards going wild and ticketing any homeowner for a car parked in front of the homeowner’s house, on a public street, without any effort to ascertain who the owner is?  Perhaps it is the realization that the HOA cannot fine outsiders who visit friends or relatives in the HOA. So, with the broad, unchecked powers of granted the HOA by the state and governing documents, they just fine anyone, right or wrong! CAI and arrogant HOA boards want more, and firmly believe that their ends justify their means.

This is a new low in its reporting of news. The Republic and the local NBC affiliate, 12 News,  must be considered public house organs for the HOA special interests in violation of their public trust.


History of violence with the Ventana Lakes HOA


Bill barring HOA ticketing of cars feared by retirees


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