Arizona OAH decisions reveal homeowners have legitimate complaints against abusive HOAs

The Arizona experiment in HOA justice for homeowners, using the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) to adjudicate disputes, is a rousing success!  The ALJs are treating homeowners with respect, and allowing homeowners to present their complaints under OAH rules —  a far cry from the hostile attitude in the civil courts.   

By my count, there have been 12 decisions as follows, giving the homeowners an unprecedented 50% success ratio!! 

HOA win:  5

HO  win:   5

spilt:          2

These first results of ALJ decisions clearly refute CAI’s argument that homeowners who cry about abuse are just touble makers who don’t know how to get along! 

We need OAH to continue its good work bringing a more level playing field to HOA adjudication at an attainable cost of $550. The fee increase, to $2,000 to file a complaint, by the agency, DFBLS, amounts to a poll tax to prevent justice and to stifle complaints against HOAs. OAH has exposed the HOA abuse that advocates have long been attempting to stop.  The reasons are obvious from the results of this rendering of due procees by impartial OAH tribunals.

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