HOA Takes Owner Property by Valid Amendment, Without Owner Consent

One of the first complaints, OAH # 07F-H067007-BFS (2007), heard before an administrative law judge in Arizona’s new experiment in bringing justice to HOA disputes involved a homeowner who filed a complaint about the taking of his sidewalk property of some 20 years – among other things. The HOA amended the CC&Rs and appropriated homeowner sidewalks since, it was argued by the HOA, the HOA was already maintaining them as required by the CC&Rs. There were no deeds signed by any homeowner, just an amendment deemed valid since it met all the requirements of the CC&R amendment procedure.

The decision failed to acknowledge that the homeowner at his hearing raised the question of the validity of portions of the lengthy amendment to the CC&Rs. The ALJ did not address the purpose and validity of the amendment in his decision, which stated that the homeowner failed to “present any substantive evidence” and that,

“[S]uch concerns [by Petitioner] are ultimately irrelevant to the determination of this matter, which involves not the substance of the amendments but the manner in which those amendments were adopted”.

See complete analysis at Sidewalk.

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