CAI speaks of homeowner honor: where’s the HOA honor?

The CAI Nov/Dec 2006 Common Ground magazine has a reply to AARP Bill of Rights. (See AARP). It speaks of honor, demanding that the CC&Rs be honored by homeowners.

As to seniors paying their fair share, CG says,

“But it’s also true that collections are fundamental and necessary. . . . Accordingly it’s reasonable to expect all homeowners to honor their promise.”

For CAI is an honorable man, So are they all, all honorable men.

CAI assumes the purchase was above board made openly and freely, with access to all the information to make an informed choice; and that CAI has no prior knowledge that the CC&Rs take away fundamental rights and freedoms of Americans who believe the false promises of carefree living. Yet, the purchase process itself is not honorable, and the CC&Rs are unconscionable adhesion contracts.

How dare CAI demand that homeowners, alone, honor the CC&Rs when it knew all the while truth of the matter. Can anyone really believe that its legal counsel and its legal authorities had, and have, no inkling of the unconscionable adhesion contract nature of the CC&RS? And, as such are contrary to public policy and unenforceable?

The truth of the matter can be found in the bible that laid the groundwork for the mass merchandising of HOAs, the ULI Homes Association Handbook, TB#50, published in 1964. For a commentary on this publication, and on the role of CAI as the national lobbyist for planned communities and UCIOAs, see The Truth.

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