Planned comunities and UCIOAs do not protect American liberties

In “Are Your best Interests Served . . . ” (1) entry of Oct. 18th I wrote,

“Or, the American system of government must be redefined to include a new form of National Socialism that is not a guarantor or protector of your rights and freedoms.

I chose ‘national socialism’ to reflect the position of CAI and planned community proponents that UCIOAs (2) are needed to combat the balkanization of America with the ensuing anarchy that we are witnessing as a result of unregulated planned community declarations. These governments will lead to a national confederation of private governments bound by the almost identical UCIOA “charters” or state laws, and “The United HOAs of America” (3) . Chapter 20 of Private Neighborhoods goes even further with its discussion of “Neighborhood Succession” from local government (4).

This new national socialism for planned communities is founded upon neoliberal values, namely, the privatization of government and the private sector can do it better. Other examples are: no government interference and best example of local government democracy, inability of local government to deal with HOAs, and of the need for uniform national laws for HOAs under the UCIOA mantra. (These pronouncements can be found by viewing CAI’s public policy positions on its web site). And who else in in a better position for a privatived national agency to regulated HOA?

Neo-liberalism is, simply stated, a privatization of government, reliance on the private sector to solve all our societal problems, and less government involvement. As such, the question for all Americans, as here with HOAs, is:

To what extent should this privatization of government deny Americans their fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed under the US Constitution?


2. See “National Lobbyist . . .”,, now Part 2 of “The Truth About . . .”,


4. See “HOA Succession from Local Government”,

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