Who’s Against a Homeowner’s Bill of Rights?

1. Who cannot support, in principle at least, the David A. Kahne proposed Bill of Rights published by the AARP Public Policy Institute?

2. A clear statement of the purpose of the AARP proposal is contained in its forward written by the Institute:

The purpose of this publication is to outline a key set of ten principles . . . that states can follow when developing laws and regulatory procedures for common interest communities.

The guiding philosophy behind this publication is to promote healthy interaction between residents and their associations ….

3. If you cannot support all the ten points in principle, to what do you object? What principles would you like to add? Delete?

4. The introductory pages leading to these principles cannot really be argued against. While they could be stronger, they are a good statement of policy to guide the legislators. Offer your improvements.

See the complete commentary at AARP

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