TB#50: The Mass Merchandising of HOAs by ULI


The Urban Land Institute Technical Bulletin #50, The Homes Association Handbook, was the vehicle for this mass merchandising of planned communities with influence today on events and attitudes.

The model and concept of planned communities with their mandated homeowners associations has been presented and sold to the legislatures, government agencies, commissions and officials, and to the media and public in general as the unquestionable means to better, healthier, vibrant and desirable communities. And the means to this noble end was the HOA governing body supported by unconscionable adhesion contracts in the form of covenants, conditions, and restrictions, including the HOA bylaws, that would maintain property values for the benefit of all — the local municipalities, the homeowners, and the real estate special interests.

Sadly, in their effort to sell this concept to Americans, the promoters found it necessary to cast a scant eye on the constitutional protections of homeowner rights. This intentional disregard in the presentation, explanation, selling and mass merchandising of this new order of society — communal living under authoritarian HOA regimes — amounts to a con on Americans. The emergence and quiet acceptance of this innovation in housing — as ULI and Community Associations Institute proudly announced in the subtitle of Community Associations, a book that they partially funded in 2000 — was accomplished with subterfuge and a disregard for the values and beliefs in the democratic institutions upon which this country was founded.

Read the complete report paper on TB#50.

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  1. […] 47 years, since the introduction of the “game plan” by the Urban land Institute in 1964 (See TB#50: The Mass Merchandising of HOAs by ULI).  For  over ten years homeowner rights advocates have appeared before the state legislatures […]

  2. […] Over the past 44 years, the mass merchandisers of homeowners associations (see TB#50: The Mass Merchandising of HOAs by ULI) were successful in creating a mindset that HOAs are nothing more than contractual corporations, […]

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