AARP HOA Bill of Rights

David Kahne, a Houston ACLU attorney, who won the notable Brooks v. Northglen HOA case, has written on a HOA Bill of Rights for homeowners. Such a document has been absent from all CC&Rs going back to the Homes Association Handbook, TB #50, for the mass merchandising of planned communities, published in 1964 by ULI with the help of federal agencies.

David Kahne’s 69 page report can be found here:

Many HOA advocates are acknowledged by David. The cover page reads:

Basic Principles of Consumer Protection and Sample Model Statute

by David A. Kahne,
Law Office of David A. Kahne

The AARP Public Policy Institute, formed in 1985, is part of the Policy and Strategy Group at AARP. One of the missions of the Institute is to foster research and analysis on public policy issues of importance to mid-life and older Americans. This publication represents part of that effort.The views expressed herein are for information, debate, and discussion, and do not necessarily represent official policies of AARP.

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  2. Is there a Uniform Homeowners Association Act in existence in any state in the union? If so I would like to know about it.

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