Path to Victory at the Legislature

Expose the illusions of justice and the myths of the equal protection of the laws”

The legislature is the sovereign of a republican form of government, and that it’s the only game in town. Homeowners must attain the power to influence and change the views and attitudes of the legislators.

To accomplish this we must make it clear to the legislators and government officials that they must choose between continued support of private special interests who promote and support laws denying citizens their constitutional protections so they can make a buck; or to abide by their oath of office and support and uphold the US Constitution.

But let’s not be afraid to

1. name names,
2. expose the myths and illusions of justice and fair play,
3. confront those misleading and half-truths from the special interest,
4. challenge the misleading statements and half-truths of the special interests that have gone far too long unchallenged and have now become unquestionably accepted as being true,
5. support our positions with references to published authorities and media statements, and
6. to refrain from being argumentative and to avoid any personal attacks.

Further information on this campaign for victory can be found in this PDF version of a PowerPoint file: Rules of Engagement.

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"The Voice for HOA Constitutionality". I have been a long-term homeowner rights authority, advocate and author of "The HOA-Land Nation Within America" (2019) and" Establishing the New America of independent HOA principalities" (2008). See HOA Constitutional Government at My efforts with HOAs took me to a broader concern that was deeply affecting the constituionality of HOAs. Those broad societal and plotical concerns caused me to start this new blog for my commentaries on the State of the New America.

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