Why do Homeowners need to be defended against HOAs?

Comments to Gene Mullin, Chair, California Assembly Committee on Housing and Community Development regarding California bill, SB551

The June 11, 2006 issue of The Arizona Republic surfaced this important aspect of association living in its subtitle, “HOA warriors make some progress in defending owners from associations”, which leads to the question in the title to this paper. Aren’t HOAs/CIDs supposed to be healthy, vibrant and responsive communities of people? Aren’t HOA boards supposed to represent the interests of the homeowners, its member-owners in an excellent example of grassroots democracy in action, as the special interests have been promoting for over 40 years? Or are there other dynamic and structural factors at play here that account for all these years or strife, hostility, and an “us against them” attitude reflected in opposing views on association reform legislation?

Read the complete letter.

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