CAI Reinvents Democracy

The latest response to advocates’ criticism of the Common Ground article, Critical Mass, and of CAI and HOAs in general, comes in another Tom Skiba, CEO of CAI, BLOG entry of May 22nd. So, allow this humble advocate who, in Mr. Skiba’s words, “revolt[s] at democracy at its most local form” to shed some light on these “word games” — you know, It depends on what the meaning of “Is”, is.

The CEO goes on to make contradictory statements, talking not about democratic governance, but about the business needs of associations,

What we cannot support are situations that compromise the financial health and well-being of associations, place an undue regulatory burden and cost on associations, or treat associations differently than any other type of business entity. Because that is what associations are – businesses.

They aren’t governments, they aren’t personal private clubs, and they certainly aren’t fascist states created to deprive poor, unsuspecting homeowners of their rights. They are businesses that need to be run in a professional and business-like manner.

Why, then the statements about democracy and the will of the people as stated in the BLOG? Because CAI needs the statutes and support of the legislators to sanction the unconscionable provisions of these CC&Rs; and for the enforcement of these contracts that are not understood by many homeowners, who are not asked to even initial no less sign them as must occur in a bona fide contract; and many other reasons, some mentioned here, and too many to list here.

Mr. Skiba’s BLOG simply reflects the “gotcha” by advocates, and the realization that there is no valid reason to restrict fundamental freedoms and liberties except to coerce compliance with the “laws” of defective, authoritarian regimes.

Read the complete response.

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  1. It would be great if they did -in fact- Invent Democracy in HOA land.

    That will be the day when they put the sacred MANDATORY contract renewal to a DEMOCRATIC VOTE OF THE present day OWNERS.

    I live to see THAT day, for we shall be free at last.

    Great Response, George.


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