Nationwide Lobbyist for HOA Principalities

Excerpts from:

Community Associations Institute: Dominating the Emergence and Acceptance in America of a Quiet Political Revolution in Authoritarian, Contractual Private Local Government.

What has happened to America? How did this sad state of affairs come to be, here in America? The answer can be found in the words of a Texas real estate attorney proposing a new HOA act, TUPCA, before the Texas House Business & Industry hearing on March 31, 2006, which met to examine what should be done with HOA statutes. In answer to questions about the provisions and protections of the HOA, she replied, “There’s really an entwined relationship between HOAs and cities. They do that to protect the finances of the association. That was considered a progressive thing 25 years ago.”

CAI Founder, Byron Hanke, wrote in 1992 of his concerns for the change in direction of CAI, stating that CAI’s funding was based on it being “a research and education institute, not a lobbying/political organization, trade association or professional society with a narrow focus.” Today, CAI requires:

Every dollar of the mandatory $15 Advocacy Support fee goes directly to states with Legislative Action Committees and supports the efforts of CAI to represent and protect our members on state legislative and regulatory efforts.

Viewers to its web site are told,

CAI also advocates for legislative and regulatory policies that support responsible governance and effective management. We represent the interests of our members before the U.S. Congress, federal agencies, and other policy-setting bodies on issues such as taxes, insurance, bankruptcy reform and fair housing. In addition, state Legislative Action Committees represent CAI members before state legislatures and agencies on issues such as assessment collection, foreclosure, and construction defects. Moreover, in undertaking such review, state governments are urged to consider and give favorable treatment to one or more of the Uniform Community Association Acts.

In short, CAI has been setting itself up as the national private authority, a sort of Board of National HOA Governors, on local community governance through the adoption of uniform planned community acts that perpetuate the current anti-American HOA governments. In effect, the super, privatized agency to replace the US Constitutional system of government.

The complete 14-page paper can be read at Nationwide Lobbyist for Principalities.

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