Arizona Speaker Pro Tempore: I don’t trust homeowers and won’t restore rights enjoyed by other homeowners

See two important news videos demonstrating the homeowners’ fight for US Constitutional protections taken away only if they live in an HOA. See Arizona’s Speaker Pro Tempore, Bob Robson, continue to deny these rights and defending the undemocratic, authoritarian private contractual governments known as HOAs.

In Arizona, there are 5 senior citizen HOA subdivisions sold under the Robson Communities umbrella that contain some 32,000 families who were never told that they had surrendered their homestead exemption rights, and still are unaware of this loss. The bills being stalled would restore these rights taken away from this class of citizens by statute in 1996.

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  1. The Bills that protect homeowners and/or unit owners MUST be passed. It is unfathomable how much control an HOA currently possess, especially when the Board members and/or property management is unorganized, greedy and are control freaks. The sad part is how they can so easily get away with it.

    People need to be educated NOW about the fact that they can so easily have liens put on their property, be foreclosed upon and not have the Homestead Exemption applied to them, and so many more disgusting facts, should there be an assessment that is not affordable or realistic.

    I am in the midst of helping eduacate condo owners of these facts, as the Board of a complex where I own a unit, has been extremely unethical in their approach of trying to impose a $10,000 assessment due virtually immediately.

    They are using scare tactics, child-like letters and comments while threatening liens if someone cannot pay or chooses not to pay the 10K. They are urging the owners to refinance their property or open a line of credit to come up with funds on an assessment which hasn’t even been voted on, to date. The proposed assessment has not even been validated by written bids. It’s an absolute joke.

    I, and many others in this particular development, join you in this unfortunate fight which HAS to be fought so more innocent people are not victimized by the lack of their rights as a US Citizen.

    Thank you for taking the stand.

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