The United HOAs of Arizona becoming a reality

With the actions by the Arizona House Leadership to not allow substantive HOA reform bills from being voted on by the entire House, Arizona is moving one step closer to becoming The United HOAs of Arizona¹. This deliberate refusal to hear these bills can only be interpreted as wholehearted support to permit the HOA principality², that authoritarian, private contractual system of government, to continue its denial of the constitutional rights of homeowners — rights that they would be entitled to under a municipal government.

HOAs, as Robert H. Nelson wrote in the closing chapters of his new book, Private Neighborhoods and the Transformation of Local Government, will replace existing local municipal governments as these HOAs take on more and more governmental functions under the protection of state legislatures. And with this transformation in American governance, the US Constitution becomes a thing of the past, obviated and replaced without any amendments as required by the Constitution. And the War Between the States becomes a footnote in history as the one and only attempt to preserve the Union.

Americans must not let this happen. Americans must put a stop to what was described as “the emergence and acceptance of a quiet innovation in housing” (from the book subtitle by Donald R. Stabile, Community Associations), because it is really a backdoor subversion of the American system of government.

Homeowners in Arizona can do their part by insisting that the Arizona House leadership move these HOA bills to the Active Calendar for a floor vote.


1. See United HOAs of Arizona, George K. Staropoli, August 2004,
2. See The HOA Principality, George K. Staropoli, January 2005,

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