AZ HOA Bills: What does the House leadership fear?

Feb. 28, 2006

TO: All Arizona House Representatives

What do the House Leaders fear in allowing the HOA bills to be heard by ALL the elected Representatives? Are they afraid that, if passed, that doom and gloom will or a catastrophe upon the State of Arizona will result by granting homeowners the equal protection of the laws and due process protections? These are the same irrational fears that we’ve heard over and over again by the special interests groups seeking to protect their income streams. What else can it be?

Does the House leadership feel that without the coercive protection of state laws, people will shirk HOAs? That by holding the HOA boards, management firms and attorneys accountable under the law, like any other group or governmental entity, the HOAs will fail? Is the Constitution still the law of the land or can anybody draft a private government contract to avoid the US and state Constitutional protections of the peoples rights and freedoms?

Will the housing industry collapse? Will builders run for the hills? Will people seek the older authoritarian forms of private HOA governance? Or will life go on with the good people living in HOAs feeling that they are now part of the American landscape? And will builders continue to build and buyers continue to buy?

I say let the elected Representativess vote their conscience for which they were chosen by the people. We do not need a dictator group or chairman to tell the people what is good for them. Pass the HOA bills out of the Rules committee and place them on the Active Calendar.

Let our duly elected representatives do their job!

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